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Go beyond e-learning and create fun and engaging games to train and educate your staff. Gaming is a new way to learn that makes learning exciting and playful. Add a bit of competition by incorporating rewards, badges, and leaderboards. A high score list could be a great motivator that allows the players to see where they excel and where they might use a little bit of extra work.


Make a great first impression with onboarding. Pre-boarding and onboarding will introduce your staff to everything they need to know about your organization. Give your new employees a head start by implementing programs that include courses, videos, texts, quizzes, and games.

Engaging Communication

Communicate with your staff in a new way. Engage with your employees by having them contribute and share their opinions on issues that matter. With EdPlan you can create, schedule and send out surveys and questionnaires. By regularly offering such surveys, you’ll involve your employees while getting real-time data that will help your organization grow and flourish.

Compliance Training

Make Compliance Training easy, fun and motivating. With EdPlan you can do all that. Use our partner apps to create and distribute your visual training course where you can easily align the training to competence skills and get a full overview of the trainee’s progress. Add gamification, certification, and rewards for even more fun and playful experience.

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